Men don't like to spend much time in the clothing department. Men don't like to spend time deciding which pants are better. They may also not want to buy another pair of underwear until the first one has holes from end to end and sags. The men go in and get what they want, then leave. They see it as a carefully planned, covert operation. They can't even tell that anyone has entered the store.

Men, if you spend a few minutes at your local department store looking through the options for men's clothing, you will save time and money. Men on missions tend to choose the most affordable option or stick with one particular brand. If he has a girl with him, he doesn't spend much time looking around. Also, he doesn't take much time to try on clothes. If a pair pants fit, he may wear them to check.

It's a good idea to put on all the clothes you plan to purchase. Bring several pieces to the fitting room instead of one or two. You should also try clothing that is one size smaller and larger than the size you wear. It's possible that you have gained or lost weight and are unaware of the fact that your clothing is not fitting. Use your visits to the men's department to verify these details. Paul Samuel Design-New

Consider purchasing a slightly more costly piece of clothing. Sometimes, more expensive clothing means frills or fashion trends that you don't feel comfortable with, but can also be a sign of better quality and better fit. You can go longer without having to visit the men's section.

When looking at clothing, there are some things you should pay attention to to ensure it is of good quality. Check the weight of the fabric. To cut costs, some manufacturers use very thin and low-quality fabric. The fabric becomes threadbare very quickly. If you're buying a t-shirt, it needs to be stretchy as well as tightly knit. The fabric should return easily to its original form when you tug on it.

The fabric of a good pair of jeans is also heavy. The fabric may feel soft, and have been well worn in. You can also wear a pair of stiff jeans. The fabric will soften with time and repeated washing.

You can get more durable menswear by paying a little bit extra, paying attention to quality and trying your clothes on. You'll be the most stylish man around if you have a wide range of clothing options.